Our team of assessors provide high quality City of Portland compliant home energy scores and reports at the lowest price in Portland, $150. Home Energy Score PDX LLC, creator of Energy eScore (TM), is a family-owned small business of energy engineers and environmental scientists with combined experience of over 30 years. Our mission is to provide simple, fast, accurate, and inexpensive home energy scores for Portland Homeowners.

Energy eScore
  • City of Portland compliant
  • Online home energy score
  • High quality home energy score report
  • Convenient for homeowners and realtors
  • Eliminates the anxiety of waiting
  • Simple, fast, accurate, and inexpensive
  • Inputs are verified by certified assessor
  • Guarantee no sales pitch
"I was impressed, quick and painless, promptly produced the home energy score report"
- Homeowner in SW
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