Create a Successful Sustainability Plan and Provide Free Home Energy Scores for All Residents

Energy eScore software provides Home Energy Score on a city-wide scale using bulk analysis for state/local governments, real estate websites, utilities, and non-profit organizations. The map below shows an example for zip code 97213 in Portland, Oregon with home energy score for over 10,000 homes. This map provides more homes than the City of Portland program completed in the whole year of 2018, which cost residents approximately $2 Million.

Energy eScore, city-wide analysis, home energy efficiency rating


Energy eScore is a scalable software solution that provides low-cost delivery of Home Energy Score programs. The tool leverages assessor techniques combined with publicly available real estate data and regional considerations. There are a wide range of potential customer profiles and pain points that this research could impact if publicly available data is found to be a viable path for Home Energy Score baselines at scale, including:

  • Homeowners: free access to energy data, general menu of improvements, home energy education, wide-scale engagement.
  • City planners: planning efforts and decision making through accurate baselines, sustainability plans, setting environmental goals, home energy upgrade programs, and engagement/value to residents.
  • Utility demand side management programs: baselines, heat maps, targeted marketing, customer profiles, cost-effective improvement strategies, informed incentive offerings.
  • Real estate association leadership: preventing disruption of in-person assessments during real estate transaction, increased market valuation for energy asset scores.
  • Real estate websites (e.g. Zillow, Redfin): providing new and valuable real estate data to users.
  • Energy consultants/contractors: project and customer identification, actionable data.
  • Financial institutions: mortgage risk assessment using utility cost estimates (assuming standardized occupant behavior), energy upgrade financing eligibility, appraisal/valuation to value the energy upgrades completed.

Energy eScore can support both voluntary and mandatory programs and help increase instances of energy efficiency upgrades to reduce energy waste, the ultimate goal of the program. By filling in gaps and providing wide-spread access to information, Energy eScore can be a valuable partner for Home Energy Score programs.

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What We Can Do For You


  • City-wide Home Energy Score analysis
  • Embedded Home Energy Score calculator
  • Custom branding and messaging
  • GIS mapping
  • Data visualization
  • City sustainability planning
  • Utility DSM programs
  • Formatted data requests

Future Capabilities

  • API access for premium data
Energy eScore, home energy efficiency rating

Heat Map of Home Energy Scores

heat map, home energy rating

Heat Map of Utility Costs

heat map, home energy rating

Heat Map of CO2 Emissions

heat map, home energy rating

Heat Map of Energy Use Intensity (EUI)

heat map, home energy rating
Premium Data Available


Home Energy Score: Score rating of the existing home in current condition (1-10).

Score Type: Whether the Home Energy Score was completed by a Certified Assessor as part of a Program (Official, Unofficial).

Electricity (kWh): Electricity use for existing home in current condition assuming "average" occupant behavior.

Natural Gas, Oil, or LPG (therms): Fuel energy use for existing home in current condition assuming "average" occupant behavior.

Utility Costs ($/yr): Utility costs of electric and fuel energy of the existing home in current condition.

Solar Generation (kWh/yr): Electricity generation from solar panels if present on existing home (n/a if none).

CO2 Emissions (lb/yr): Carbon emissions associated with electric and fuel energy use of the existing home.

Total Source Energy (MBtu): Total source energy associated with existing home, including power plant generation and transmission inefficiencies.

Source EUI (kBtu/sqft): Total source energy used per square foot of the existing home.

Total Site Energy (MBtu): Total site energy consumed at the existing home.

Site EUI (kBtu/sqft): Total site energy consumed per square foot of the existing home.



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