Our mission at Energy eScore is to encourage cities to develop cost-effective energy policy and provide all residents free information about their Home Energy Score, so we can all contribute to a cleaner environment for our children.

Energy eScore was created by three motivated professionals with extensive experience and backgrounds in science, engineering, sustainability planning, and software development. When we heard that Home Energy Score program was coming to our home town of Portland, OR, we seized the opportunity to become "boots on the ground" and participate as a Home Energy Score Certified Assessor in the inaugural year. From our experience, we saw that both mandatory and voluntary Home Energy Score programs faced huge challenges: (1) achieve scale before becoming outdated; (2) fund program without passing on a huge cost burden to residents and interrupting real estate transactions; (3) the program entry point at home sale excludes homeowners who might benefit from Home Energy Score information when a system fails, during a home renovation, or just interested in an upgrade; and (4) assessments don't save energy and may lead to increased emissions from assessor vehicles if no project is implemented.

We immediately saw a need for a low-cost delivery strategy using a software solution. Working together with the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy eScore became one of only ten approved third-party software to integrate with the Home Energy Scoring Tool and the only software geared towards wide-scale analysis with a public facing calculator.

Energy eScore was first developed as an on-line calculator to provide a simple to use interface for all residents to estimate their Home Energy Score, with the premise that a person living in the home would know more about the home than an assessor who only spent 30 to 45 minutes on-site during an assessment. This theory was proven true when over 85% of homeowners were able to generate the same result as a Certified Assessor. With great success at the individual home level, eScore software evolved into a platform for bulk analysis at a city-wide scale using publicly available housing stock, real estate, and county record data.


Why Us?


Whether you work for a city considering Home Energy Score or a utility running an energy efficiency program or a real estate website looking for more data, here are just a couple of reasons to consider us:

  • We are motivated professionals with experience and backgrounds in science, engineering, sustainability planning, and software development.
  • We are very knowledgeable about the Home Energy Score program structure and stakeholders
  • We have field experience participating as Home Energy Score Certified Assessor
  • We are a DOE approved third-party software provider that has integrated with the Home Energy Scoring Tool
  • We can provide analysis for sustainability planning, forecasting, data for targeted marketing, heat maps, GIS visualizations, and more
  • We can provide branded solutions and integrate into existing websites
  • We support voluntary and mandatory Home Energy Score programs
  • We can provide value and education to your residents and customer
  • Our goal is to encourage all homeowners to contribute to a cleaner environment




"I was impressed, quick and painless, promptly produced the Home Energy Score rating"
- Homeowner

"Stream-lined for ease and efficiency"
- Realtor

"Easy, quick, easy to read"
- Homeowner

"Great to work with, extremely responsive with all of our follow-up questions!"
- Realtor

"I'd recommend Energy eScore to anyone needing Home Energy Score, clients and brokers"
- Realtor



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