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Draft email to get your client started:

Dear _________, (Homeowner)

A new ordinance in Portland requires sellers to get a home energy score and report prior to listing. I have talked with several people offering this service, but like Energy eScore the best. They have a web-based tool that provides a quick and affordable ($150) option for getting a City of Portland compliant home energy score and report. You just have to answer a few simple questions about your home, submit your payment, and you'll get an immediate preview of the score. Here is a one-minute video about how it works. They have several certified Home Energy Assessors that will promptly set up a time to verify your score and deliver the report same-day. Once the score is completed, I will include it in the listing. 


____________, (Realtor)

Home Energy Score Questionnaire (printable):

If you intend on paying for the home energy score, bring (or send) this form to your client meeting when you sign the listing agreement. Once you get inputs from the homeowner, submitting online with Energy eScore will quick and easy.

Home Energy Score, Questionnaire, Checklist, Printable

Talking points about home energy score:

  • Home energy scores are the sellers responsibility and are required in the City of Portland prior to listing.
  • Fine for non-compliance is up to $500.
  • Must be included in all public listings and made available to potential buyers visiting the home.
  • Valid for 8 years, but needs to be reissued if home is listed again after 2 years to update the utility rates.
  • The Home Energy Score is like a “miles per gallon” rating for homes. It uses a 1 through 10 scale where a 10 represents the most energy efficient homes, and a 1 represents a high energy consuming home with opportunities for improvement.
  • Larger homes will have lower scores, similar to comparing the miles per gallon of an SUV.
  • Home energy score is an "asset" score which means it focuses on the structure and systems in the home. Upgrades related to lighting, appliances, and thermostats will not impact the score. 
  • Portland has a standardized report, which means all companies providing home energy scores will produce exactly the same report product

How to auto-populate Home Energy Score on RMLSweb:

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"I'd recommend Energy eScore to anyone needing HES, clients and Brokers."
- Portland Realtor
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